look at this picture:

This picture like acha septriasa. in fact it is not but acha`s sister. That is not me, but my younger brother. We face the twin, so people think it Acha, "said Acha when found in the newest shoting location 'Sakinah' on Jl. Jagakarsa Raya no. 1, South Jakarta.

Described by the name of the original artist Septriasa graceful, the younger brother of the age difference of 1.5 years. photos Acha's sister was taken from the fraudulent Facebook.

"During the incident in the photo, he just like my sister anymore "nge-DJ". INCIDENTAL friends who have put on Facebook. He doesn't have an image that. Photo is already 7 months ago," said Acha still experience as a student in a campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that.

About the brother who pose little challenge, where Juwita shirt with the chest is very low while holding the cigarette, Acha can not comment much.

"However I pity with him. I just remind him. I think the image is normal, that young children have fun again, all out with his friends," close Acha defend.

look at the picture: Acha and her sister